Signal Rock Flag Pole Update

Signal Rock Flag Pole Update


December 2019 Meeting



Prepared by B. Kish



The Borough committee has selected a conventional "ground set" installation design.


The committee considered the merits of two alternate designs 1.) counterweighted tilt pole mount design and 2.)  hinged shoe base mount design and decided to use the simpler conventional design. Concerns about how to perform pole maintenance in the future was addressed by the steeple jack contractor.


Ground set design requires a large approx 10 " diameter bore hole in the rock, 48 inches deep.


Description of selected pole and accessories as follows:


44’ (40’ above ground) Zeus 180 mph pole equipped with locking door for internal halyard.

Pole is made of composite material, not aluminum. Color is white.

a metallic tube insert is not needed for standard ground set application

Pole manufacture to provide ground set guide tube, rotating truck, internal cleat, lightning ball (color?) and misc. flag rigging accessories clips, weights; less ropes.

Pole manufacture recommends we purchase nautical grade ropes locally because they are superior to their ropes for our application)

I was unable to uncover a “down side” to rotating truck (as opposed to stationary truck). I recommend rotating truck because:


Most commercial grade large poles use rotating truck.

Manufacture recommends rotating truck and proposes a style especially suitable for nautical applications (features non-metallic housing, sealed SS bearings, and SS mounting screws)

Rotating truck means less wear and tear on the flag, and flag flies better.

If truck stops twirling well after many years, then we have a stationary truck!


Next Steps :


Seeking a final price of pole and accessories from Marvin Display, Old Gate Lane, Milford

Seeking a price from a contractor who can take down existing pole.

Seeking a price from a contractor who can make borehole in the rock.

Seeking a price from a contractor who can install the new pole.